gyula muskovics

Wash you money with my pride
by Virág Bogyó and Gyula Muskovics


3 posters (44x61 cm)

Wash Your Money With My Pride is a series of posters, reinterpreting photographs from Forum Homosexualität, Munich and the archive of the Budapest-based Háttér Society. The images depict sexual acts between gay men. Certain body parts are branded with the logos of multinational companies known for supporting the LGBT movement and the Pride parades. But whom do these companies support by covering themselves and their products in rainbow colors? Would they go as far to identify their ‘open’ and ‘tolerant’ brand explicitly with men having sex?

In the mainstream LGBT discourse sexuality—that actually constitutes the difference between hetero- and homosexuals—remains sidelined in favor of such topics of symbolic recognition as gay marriage or gay christianity. In addition to this the way these 'progressive' issues are represented they also divert the attention from broader material and structural issues. The feminist fight against surrogacy for example is in direct conflict with the LGBT adenda of equal rights in childbearing, or their support for so-called 'sexual rights' which often means entitlement to female bodies. What multinational companies advocate once in a year at the Pride parades is a normalized and emancipated image of homosexuality represented by middle class gay men searching for their place in the heteronormative society.

Exhibited at: I WANNA GIVE YOU DEVOTION, Platform, Munich, curated by Philipp Gufler (Exhibition organized by Forum Homosexualitat, Munich) (2).png (1).png