gyula muskovics

Sprawled Soilware
by Hollow & Omsk Social Club


In the depths of the universe, in the magma of the earth, in the atoms of the material world dense bodies loom, so dark and gravitational no light escapes them. No one knows if they are animals or minerals or both. Generally, the stable timespace manifold keeps the pull of their event horizon separated from human sensory perception. There are whispers however, that with the swelling eruption of cosmic flares portals have been broken open. Here, the event horizon breathes and inflates—beckoning the interface where dark bodies tickle with their tongues, suction with their orifices, nibble with their tiny teeth and caress with the enormous tips of their feelers the skin, the glands, the eyeballs, the bottom of the feet of the user at the cusp of the portal threshold...

The Hungarian artist group Hollow (Viktor Szeri, Tamás Páll, and Gyula Muskovics) teams up with Berlin-based Omsk Social Club to explore the organic and inorganic depths of the dark unknown. Merging the methodologies of contemporary dance, sound, poetics, augmented reality (AR) and real game play (RGP), the group stages a consensual hallucination as multimedia performance project, inviting participants to become absorbed, estranged or both. The project is co-produced by the Hungarian Sín Arts Centre production house and the German interdisciplinary event series Montag Modus.

This work is developed for the smartphone and invites you for a walk. For more information and to participate in the walk visit:

A Co-Production by SIN Arts Centre & Montag Modus

Partners: Katlan Group, art quarter budapest, Divadlo X10, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Supported by IKF Goethe Institut

Chapter 1: Windspeed