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Just Do It

Regime change, avant-garde fashion, and schizoanalysis in Budapest and Tbilisi

"Dead Army" by Nino Chibinishvili (Chubika). Photo: Giorgi Sumbadze

"If we can assign a role to art, it is the expansion of consciousness and the changing of perspectives. This is something that is in great demand during transitional periods since although change promises new possibilities, it is never without risks. The avant-garde fashion performances of Tbilisi and Budapest both achieved this goal; they brought out the latent dimensions of reality, which are invisible to the naked eye."

Following Deleuze & Guattari's concept of "schizo-analysis", the present essay investigates the schizo-analytic potential of Hungarian and Georgian fashion performances, including the avant-garde creations of Tamás Király and Nino Chubinishvili (Chubika), in the years of transition.

The essay was published in the "System Change" thematic issue of the Fotóművészet magazine dealing with 1989.

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