gyula muskovics


You have come here begging
for you see the hope in me,
but you stole all my dreams, broke my heart,
and took everything from me.
Even the trees and the ocean echo my cries.
Look at me now, how your conceit
has sent me to exile
to the land of eternal purgatory.

If only the plague would devour your insides
for what you have done to me.
May your body be encrusted,
and your eyes covered with cataract
so you shall scream from within, from the dark,
where no one can hear your cries.

And when your skin decays,
and your flesh appears,
itching and infected from scratching,
with your body dry and hollow,
exuding a loathsome smell,
then I will let you out.
Then you can come back to me,
assemble and be ready to fight.

In the meantime I will gather all the information,
evaluate it, and determine the necessary measures accordingly.

Written for The Archive by Hollow.